Global Security is the leading company for distribution and installation of security systems in Macedonia. The company works in the area of video surveillance systems, alarm systems, systems for access and control and electronic evidence of the working time and fire alarm systems. Founded in 2001, the company's success is based on providing top quality to its clients.

Our goal
Our basic goal is satisfied client who in return for the investment gets all expected results. Our priority is maximal protection of secured object, combined with continuous customer care after installation. We like to keep our clients satisfied and happy.

Quality standards
We cooperate with renowned manufacturers of security systems and offer products with the best cost/quality ratio. We offer range of security systems in order to suit the needs and price range of each client, providing the most suitable equipment for the task at hand, while insisting on preserving the high quality standards for both the equipment and the service we offer.

Technical Readiness of the Global Security team
Global Security keeps up to date with the ever-increasing developments in its field by continuous education of team members and regular attendance to world fairs and other events for security products and systems. This requires constant investment of significant resources, an investment which we find quite worthwhile, since it contributes to our ability for positive change, increased capacity, and expanded range of options for our clients, based on the latest and best from the world market.

Equipment installation is the most important link in the chain of a successful business deal. Even the most expensive and most sophisticated equipment installed by unqualified personnel becomes worthless and useless investment. 

What is the use and justification of invested money, if the alarm is non active when the thief enters in the security area; or when is activated with non purpose, if we cannot recognize a vehicle from the recorded material from the installed video cameras, orif the fire systems doesn?t activate in a case of fire? - NONE! Such systems are just a waste of money and time.

Global Security company invests maximum effort in training and qualification of our installation teams, providing flawless work for the the professional equipment. 

Care for our distributors
The company has a country-wide distribution network. Our goal is giving maximum service for the shortest period of time, and elimination of all unnecessary costs. An important means towards this goal is providing timely and efficient technical support to our partners, whenever they need it.

Realizing of our primary goal?the satisfied client?is the best advertising strategy for Global Security. This requires hard work and more time, but we find it most proper. All our clients can provide references and direct testimonials about the quality of our work. When you see a camera or an alarm system with a sign of Global Security, simply ask the owners about their experiences with us.