Built-in RFID card and QR Code scanning technology

Built-in RFID card and QR Code scanning technology that allow the user to scan QR Code for temporary access and also read card ID for normal access

Support QR code 2D/ 1D Barcode that is applied for most of scanning requirements

QR Code RFID Reading range 5-20cm( Adjustable according to QR Code Size)

Support various QR Code Format Customization depending on the integrated requirement with 3rd party software

Built in RFID antenna in DUAL BAND technology 125Khz EM/ 13.56Mhz ISO 1443 Mifare Ultralight/ Classic/ DESFire/ EV1/ EV2/ NFIC(Card Simulation)/ ISO15693/ Felica

Multi Communication Interface: RS485/TCPIP / WG Input & output / UART port



Visitor management in Exibition/ Conference Events, Community and Commercial building, Hotel management, Supermarkets and various places that require QR code access.