Access Controllers

RFID Proximity Controller 

Ultra-mini RS485 Proximity Controller with stainless steel panel by order!

RFID Flush-Mounted Touch Panel Controller – AR-888-H 

Flush-Mounted Design gives neat installation!

Flush Mounting or Surface Mounting Multi-Function Face Recognition Controller – AR-837-EA

RFID LCD Fingerprint Access Controller- AR-837-EF9DO/EF3DO

Customerized Panel is available!
Built-in Door Bell button / Illuminated Keypad Design / Weatherproof / HID embedded module (Option)

RFID Slim Metal & Biometric Access Controller- AR-331-EF

RFID Slim Metal Access Controller- AR-331-E

RFID LCD Access Controller – AR-837-E/EE


RFID QR Code LCD Access Controller – AR-837-EL

E:Standard Type / EE: Extending Width

RFID LCD Access Controller- AR-727-E

RS-485 and TCP/IP communication interface

RFID Metal Access Control (with LCD)- AR-327-E

Built-in Illuminated touch-panel Design / Weatherproof / HID embedded module (Option) / Voice module (Option)

RFID Dual-Door Controller (-M: with Metal Frame)-AR-725-E

(M: with silver metal frame)
2-Door controller with illuminated touch-panel, 125kHz/13.56MHz/Dual-band for optional

RFID Illuminated Touch Panel Controller (-M: with Metal Frame) -AR-725-H

Illuminated Touch-Panel and elegant design with colorful housing to choose.

RFID Keypad Access Controller AR-757-H

Doorbell Button, Weatherproof

RFID Keypad Access Controller AR-721-H

Combined to read , control and set.

RFID Proximity Controller AR-723-H

Simple access control, Housing dimensions is small and short.

RFID Slim Metal Access Controller- AR-331-H

RFID Metal Access Control AR-321-H